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Take Another Dose

Bobby J

Ricky G

Kam H.

Of course, especially black people. I simply just don’t have children but have been around the discussion. In general, for black people, the talk is necessary. Even more so than the birds and the bees because without the talk of racial injustices and the ways to navigate them. We die.


I do not date outside my race. I love myself and I value my culture.

Chance L.

They are too ghetto, they are dirty, and they are poor, they lack economic empowerment and resources. They shoot fight and kill each other every day, And that they can never see themselves living in those types of neighborhoods unless through gentrification.

Blair W.

Get uncomfortable and have the talk. 1 hour to 24 hours of feeling uncomfortable does not compare to my 30 years of feeling uncomfortable. Please have the talks, it is necessary

Monika M

This is this first time I have EVER seen so many people actively speaking out against racism. This gives me hope for the future but I hope the momentum doesn't stop until these fortified systems in place are broken down.

Dria H.

At first when I was hearing about the black lives matter movement a few years back, my initial reaction was‚ why make it about black people? Why not every race? But after hearing black people explanations that it’s not about us saying we’re better than you, it‚ about us saying that we matter too and that changed my whole perspective bc I didn’t realize before how desensitized we’ve become to systemic racism.


When people say it was an act of racism I feel understood, I feel heard, and I’m glad that it isn’t being ignored as some justified act of law enforcement.

Amelia J.

Chance L.

The mental and emotional exhaustion that comes along with it. Its like that saying about insanity which is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

Monti W.

Evie C.

This has been one of the most embarrassing and humbling realizations of the last few weeks. A majority of my close friends are white. I am looking at why this is and how I can expand my world to create the possibilities of building close friendships people of other races.

Evie H

As much as I would like to say that I am completely fearless when discussing racism, that’s not true. I feel comfortable calling out racism to strangers but having the same discussions with people I love is much harder. I’m afraid of affecting those relationships, but change is the best outcome I could hope for. And opening these conversations with those closest a to me is the absolute least I can do to help. There is also fear about saying something wrong.

Terry S.

Yes, proper representation. Not being type cast as the criminal, gang member,drug dealer, comic relief, or the help.

Evan R

No because Black people have done our part (working within the system, educating the youth and nonviolent protests, marches, vigils, etc.) and just want to live. Now it's white people's turn to put effort into fixing their own systemic issues.

Monti W.


I shouldn't have to convince you that my life matters.

Kwesi K.

Chinua L

Mostly made me sad. Makes you feel like a criminal, like you are automatically meant to be the aggressor in every scenario.

Dria H.

Conversations and netflix

Cedric U.

He was hunted and gunned down like an animal because that‚ is how they think of us. They would have gotten away with it too

Kristin T

As a white person, I think it’s uncomfortable because we don’t want to try and claim black experiences. We try to teach others and carry the weight for the black community, because they’ve carried it for so long. But there will always be a fear that we say the wrong thing or don’t know all of the answers. I think being uncomfortable is a good thing. It encourages growth and hopefully motivates people to keep talking about the issues.

Kapil D.

White privilege is like the very air we breathe. We wouldn't know it existed or that it was part of everything we did if we did not specifically pay attention to it. White privilege is the entire construct. It is the rules of the game we all play. It is the feeling that one group of individuals generally cannot fathom that a whole other world exists outside of its own construct. It is being able to move freely without watchful eyes or disruption. It is economic and social benefits that are taken as a given for all Americans. It is running the 100M dash and winning every race because you started at the 50M mark.

Drew S.

You mean she's beautiful. Period.

John J

Trey W.

I feel scared & shocked to hear that someone says killing a black woman was an act of racism. I didn’t know racism could go so far as killing

Kam H

This was from my home city and just shows how no black person is safe from the hate of America. No matter the gender, age, or qualification there is a tendency to trust the narrative and tone that we do not deserve understanding, empathy, love, chances, and life.

Gabrielle P.

My dad was imitating the way that a certain race talked and acted. I explained how that was racist and that group talks and acts that way because of thier culture, so he was also making fun of thier culture. He said “well I was just being funny I wasn’t trying to be mean” I explained that not matter the intent, it’s still racist. Words can hurt even if that is not the intention.

Manulela R.

It difficult because it makes me feel like there is something wrong with me!

Drew S

The school to prison pipeline, mass incarceration of Black and Brown men, police brutality, red-lining, food deserts, high unemployment, under-resourced schools, voting rights, access to quality healthcare, underrepresentation in government

Evan R

I felt sad knowing how universal and pervasive racism is, and thinking about how much work needs to be done to change a heart from a prejudiced one to a gracious one.