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Chance L.

They are too ghetto, they are dirty, and they are poor, they lack economic empowerment and resources. They shoot fight and kill each other every day, And that they can never see themselves living in those types of neighborhoods unless through gentrification.

Dria H.

At first when I was hearing about the black lives matter movement a few years back, my initial reaction was‚ why make it about black people? Why not every race? But after hearing black people explanations that it’s not about us saying we’re better than you, it‚ about us saying that we matter too and that changed my whole perspective bc I didn’t realize before how desensitized we’ve become to systemic racism.

Evan R

I felt sad knowing how universal and pervasive racism is, and thinking about how much work needs to be done to change a heart from a prejudiced one to a gracious one.